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Record your windows desktop and create flash tutorials


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If you want to show how to use a program, maybe the best way is by showing he images directly, and that's what instant demo offers you in an easy way.

Instant Demo lets you record the screen activity, edit it and create a flash movie, so the information offered will be complete and easy to understand.

Flash demos are usually used in websites when you want to show how to use something, but they are also used if you want to send a demo to your friend or a group of students.

Creating a flash demo has never been so easy. You'll have no problem, just choose the area you want to record (active window, full screen or selected area), then edit the recording frame by frame by using its extremely easy-to-use editor which will let you add text or hotspots and select their style. Once done, export it as flash movie and t will be ready to use: send it or upload it to your website, it is supported by all computers.

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